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1829 S Shenandoah Ct
Longview, TX 75605
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Twisted Owl Fibers Studio is a Hand Dyeing Yarn Studio in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Every skein and colorway we create is unique and irresistible. Please check our Events page for a list of where we will be. If you would like to purchase yarn online please check Etsy for current yarns or email us at

Thank you for dropping by! Hope to see you soon!


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FREE HAT PATTERN and Jacob's Reward Farm Gift Market

Abby Owens

Hey Everyone!!! So yesterday we loaded up and headed to Parker, TX for the Fall Gift Market at Jacob's Reward Farm. The weather beautiful and our big orange tent worked great for its first use. Got to meet lots of new folks and see some of our older fiber friends!! There were animals too: sheep, chickens, dogs, bugs. We were also treated with a performance of the award winning Metropolitan United Pipe Band from the DFW area. They played some traditional bag pipe and drummusic as well as a couple of their contest pieces. Everyone really enjoyed the music! Check out some of the pics from the festivities below...BUT FIRST.....

En route!! 



Paisley Hat

This is a semi-slouchy hat. It can be worn either pulled down over the ears or back a little further on the head for a slouchy look. This is my “go to” pattern when it comes to knitting hats. As a dyer, I’m always looking for simple projects that will give me a swatch without being a swatch, hats are my perfect solution.  Actually, I’ve also found this is a nice pattern to try out a different cast on, and can be altered up or down in multiples of 5 depending on the size you need. I hope you enjoy!

For Adult Size:

1 skein TO DK in colorway “Paisley”

Cast On 95 stitches, I used the Long Tail Cast On Method, but any cast on would work.
Join for working in the round.
(K3,P2)x19. Continue K3, P2 Ribbing until brim measures 1.5”.
K all sts until piece measures 9”.
Round 1: (K3, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 2: (K2, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 3: (K1, K2tog) repeat end to end.
Round 4: K2tog end to end

Cut at least a 5” tail and thread through remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends, block and wear. I used a 7cm pompom maker for my pompom.


Beautiful sunrise! 

Metropolitan United Pipe Band

The twisted owls!!! 

So fluffy!!! 

So fluffy!!! 

Our big orange tent!!