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Twisted Owl Fibers Studio is a Hand Dyeing Yarn Studio in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Every skein and colorway we create is unique and irresistible. Please check our Events page for a list of where we will be. If you would like to purchase yarn online please check Etsy for current yarns or email us at

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STITCHESWest 2016!!! Booth 1336!!!

Abby Owens

February 11, 2016

Stitches West! Ahhhhhhh! It’s just a week away!

For the last three months the Hubby and I have been doing nothing but yarn. Dye yarn, tag yarn, count yarn. The cycle is never ending. We have been so busy dyeing yarn that I tend to forget about all the small stuff. This week I finally got to sit down and focus on the little details for our booth design, which baskets to take, what signage to bring, which projects I should display. So much to think about. I feel ready so now comes the hardest part for me… waiting! Luckily this week is going by super fast so I won’t have to wait much longer.  

So details for Stitches West… We are booth 1336. We are near the concession stand and the classrooms and there is also a nice big area where you can sit and knit and eat! I hope you all will stop by and say hi. We will be doing some flash sales and give-a-ways in the booth throughout the show and if you come up and you are my Instagram follower I will give you some awesome swag and possibly some discounts!

We are bringing so much yarn that I’m pretty sure there is something for EVERYONE! We also will have some new bases we are featuring!

First, I want to tell you about our Mohair Sock. It is so nice to work with! The Mohair Sock is a nice round yarn that has a soft, fuzzy halo, but since it has Mohair it is also super strong. This particular yarn has a nice strong ply and is a bit smaller than some of our other sock yarns. I have been using it with a bigger needle than I would normally use for sock yarn, but it is coming out beautifully! I’m just now finishing a small lace cowl out of the Mohair (my tester project) and I’m also working on a shrug.  I hope to finish the shrug before the show because I want to wear it so badly!  The shrug I’m designing also features our Lux Sock and our 2-ply NoNy.


 Lux Sock… all I need to say is Cashmere! This yarn is amazing and for Stitches West I decided to do a run of our most popular (and some new) colorways in a generous 150gram skein. The Lux Sock skeins are so fluffy that my tags almost did not fit around them! The yarn is a three ply yarn that has awesome stitch definition and is so amazing to work with. The fabric you can create with this yarn is super soft and has a beautiful sheen to it!

2-ply NoNy is a 100% superwash version of our 2-ply Sock (but without the Nylon). I love the 2-ply yarns, and they are quickly becoming my go to sock yarn. The NoNy is exceptionally soft and of course the Superwash means that it is easy to care for! I love the 2-ply Sock, but for garments I wanted an all wool yarn. This yarn is not as sturdy as one with more plies but for that pop of color it’s perfect and it’s super easy to knit with.

I do have a few more new yarn bases but if you want to see them you will need to come to booth 1336 at Stitches West! Remember to always love the yarn you work with, otherwise, what’s the point?

Knit on!

-Abby O.